Stop Gentrification

We endorse the Los Angeles Tenants Union definition of Gentrification:


  1. Gentrification is the displacement and replacement of the poor for profit.
  2. Gentrification is not natural or inevitable but a human-made process.
  3. Gentrification is rooted in colonialism and white supremacy. It disrupts family ties, uproots communities, and erases the cultural heritage of working class communities of color.
  4. Gentrification has many code words: urban renewal, revitalization, vitality, infrastructure. All entail the accumulation of wealth through dispossessing the poor of their housing and communities.
  5. Gentrification draws on multiple tactics to defeat resistance: e.g. gang injunctions, racist policing that targets poor communities, policing anti-gentrification activists, denying tenants knowledge about their rights, and the co-optation of non-profits as “legitimate” brokers for the poor. 


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