Statement on Potential Acquisition of Crenshaw Mall by CIM Group


29 April 2020

For several years now, Crenshaw Subway Coalition has been leading the community discussion of the proposed redevelopment of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza and the potential displacement impact it would have on our historic Black community. The widespread concern that new developments in our community would come at the cost of pushing out and pricing out Black and Brown residents is the basis of our current Superior Court lawsuit on the mall redevelopment plan.

The proposed acquisition of the Crenshaw Mall by CIM Group comes as a surprise to many in the community, especially those who are troubled by their business practices in the adjacent West Adams community, where Black neighborhood staples were directly pushed out, most famously our beloved Johnny's Pastrami. At this juncture, given that the property has not yet closed escrow, previous investors have been in a similar situation as CIM is currently and were not able to close escrow, and CIM's proposal has only been referenced in the abstract through press releases, any further comment would be premature.


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