It's the displacement, stupid

In the 1992 presidential contest between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, colorful campaign strategist James Carville coined the phrase, "It'sthe economy, stupid," in an effort to focus the campaign on what voters found most important in a time of a recession.

Well in this election for our South L.A. community I’ve been telling the media: “It’s the displacement, stupid.”

When a displacement study finds that just ONE rule-breaking luxury housing mega-development in South L.A. - The Reef - is likely to push out 43,756 people, how can one suggest any differently?

43,756 residents GONE from their homes, from their neighborhood, from the place they grew up in – because of JUST ONE rule-breaking mega-development with rents deliberately priced above the level affordable to the local residents.

Folk, we have MULTIPLE massive luxury-housing rule-breaking developments proposed in our historically black and brown South LA community.

Understand what is at stake: we are in an epic fight to save our neighborhoods.

It is why organizations like the Black Community Clergy & Labor Alliance, Eviction Defense Network and LA Tenants Union are passionate supporters for Yes on Measure S.

Download, read and share widely the LA Tenants Union statement on Measure S, which calls out the top false claims made by opponents to Measure S. Here’s just one excerpt:

"The principal financial support for the No on S campaign comes from luxury real estate developers: Miami-based Crescent Heights (owned by a billionaire), Australia-based shopping mall builders Westfield Corp., and several other notorious Trump donors. Eli Broad, who made his money building sprawling suburbs and now has his own museum, has donated tens of thousands. It’s insulting to think that these corporations somehow represent the communities of Los Angeles, or have our best interests at heart. The whims of real estate are, for better or worse, huge factors for nonprofit developers and housing services groups. Such organizations tend to follow the status quo and build their fundraising around it."

To be clear we’d like to see new development in South LA, but we want it without displacement.

We have a right to demand an end to the corrupt system at City Hall, and to have our voices heard about the future of our community. That’s what Measure S does. And it is why the defenders of the status quo are pulling out all of the tricks and lying to voters to try to stop its passage.

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