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The Umoja Center Sustainer

The Umoja Center needs you to help sustain this powerful unapologetically Black conscious community center. For a small amount automatically deducted from your account or credit card monthly, you can help us build and sustain this incredible project and space in Leimert Park Village. 

All funds for The Umoja Center go exclusively to the maintenance and development of the space.

Who's donating

Erica Embray
Lori R Shuler
  • Erica Embray
    started a recurring donation 2019-07-29 12:13:43 -0700
  • Erica Embray
    donated 2019-07-29 12:13:42 -0700
  • Lori R Shuler
    started a recurring donation 2019-07-01 15:16:46 -0700
  • Lori R Shuler
    donated 2019-07-01 15:16:46 -0700