Summer of Resistance: Community Town Halls on Gentrification

The Crenshaw community is under attack from gentrification, speculators and developers who want to profit off the community WE built and the public investments WE fought for to push us out. As housing prices go through the roof, major projects and programs are being pushed by our public agencies and politicians that intend to fast track the displacement and cultural erasure of Los Angeles' Black community.


We are at war.

This is socio-economic-cultural warfare (even if some would like you to deny it.)

The Crenshaw Subway Coalition is leading a community education program: "Summer of Resistance: Community Town Halls on Gentrification." This series of five meetings will highlight six of the biggest most impactful projects/programs the community faces today. It is our hope that community voices, particularly the most vulnerable, will rise up and be heard, long-time freedom fighters will focus on this issue, and demands will be made for all institutional leaders and in particular our Black elected officials to "GET RIGHT OR GET TO PACKING!"

All meetings (except one) will take place at our brand new headquarters The Umoja Center in Leimert Park Village: 3347 W. 43rd Street. Each will have a central topic of conversation, but will briefly reference other topics at each.

Take a look at the list of meetings below, and follow the links to RSVP.


Wed Sept 4 6:30pm Topic Highlight (RSVP): What the Heck is Going On in Leimert Park Village?

  • TEAR DOWN THAT FENCE around Leimert Park!
  • Developers & outsiders want to take away the public parking lots to build luxury housing. We say NO to that, and say YES to the plan for a Black Cultural & Conference Center!
  • Tenant Clinic by ACCE happening at the same time. Having problems with your landlord? Speak to a tenant rights attorney about it.

Mon Sept 9 6:30pm Topic Highlight (RSVP): Transit-Oriented Communities Program

  • The city has created a controversial program that allows developers to build bigger/taller, threatens to displace long-time residents & will disrupt our fragile neighborhoods.

Wed Sept 18 6:30pm Topic Highlight (RSVP): Dorset Village Displacement & Demolition near Nipsey Hussle Square

  • *LOCATION CHANGE* for this meeting ONLY: US Bank at Slauson (5760 Crenshaw Blvd)
  • Kicking out over 200 families to build over 600 units of new unaffordable luxury apts.

Wed Sept 25 6:30pm Topic Highlight (RSVP): Crenshaw Mall Redevelopment Gentrification Mega-Project

  • Adding nearly 900 units of market-rate luxury units completely unaffordable to the community for a project that threatens to displace over 60,000 residents within a 2-mile radius of the mall.

Wed Oct 2 6:30pm Topic Highlight (RSVP): Crenshaw Crossing & District Square Gentrification Mega-Projects

  • Two new major housing developments are planned at the intersection of Obama/Crenshaw with nearly no units affordable to local residents & being paid for by OUR tax dollars. Join a discussion about what should occur at those sites instead and about social housing.
  • Tenant Clinic by ACCE happening at the same time. Having problems with your landlord? Speak to a tenant rights attorney about it.

Download the flyer (pdf)

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