Showdown at MTA: June 27, 2013

As reported previously, due to the work of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition, MTA staff now admits that 3 out of the 4 finalists for the Crenshaw-LAX Line construction contract requested to submit bids with the project built underground from 48th to 59th Street, which would resolve the last major design issue with the line on Crenshaw Blvd. In fact, one of the finalists stated that they could build the tunnel within project budget! Inexplicably, the MTA staff refused to allow the contractors, which includes the most experienced engineering companies in the world, to bid the tunnel. We can’t allow the lives of our children and hopes of the last black business corridor to be placed in peril because of some bureaucrat’s nonsensical decision! Take action now.


Make your presence your vote at the MTA board meeting. Demand the MTA Board allow the contractors to bid the Park Mesa Heights tunnel at their meeting on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 9 a.m. (1 Gateway Plaza, LA 90012 – the tall building behind Union Station).

  • Wear BLACK shirts as a show of unity.
  • RSVP for a seat on the bus departing from the Leimert Park community at 7:30 a.m. by emailing [email protected] or call (323) 761-6435. The location of the bus departure will be emailed/phoned to all on Tuesday.


Email the MTA Board and Elected Officials at [email protected] to request they:

Allow the contractors to bid the Park Mesa Heights tunnel.

Alternatively, you can fax (by June 26) a letter of support to (323) 761-6435 or mail (by June 22) to P.O. Box 432181, Los Angeles, CA 90043.


  • Announce the Showdown at MTA and hand out flyers at your block club, homeowners association, church, civic association meeting, fraternity, sorority, etc. (contact us for a member of Crenshaw Subway Coalition to give presentation)
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The Showdown at MTA Empowerment Kit

  • Showdown at MTA Flyer (pdf)
  • Take Action Flyer (pdf)
  • Crenshaw Line Overview & Update (pdf)
  • Guest Editorial: Rail Line Must Go Underground to Preserve, Protect Key Black L.A. Business Corridor, The Wave – 4/27/11 (pdf)

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